Exloring the city: National Garden

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Hello everyone,

I realized this past couple of weeks that I will most likely won’t be able to upload two post a week so I will try my best to have at least one (which is going to be hard until Christmas when I’ll go to Corfu and be able to charge my camera!!).

University keeps me quite busy lately and on top of that I decided to start learning French, which I am loving at the moment!!! So because of this and my quite limited budget as a student, I stay a lot at home and although I live in a big city that has so many things to see I was doing absolutely nothing to get to know it.  So my best friend, Miranda, and I decided to go exploring every Saturday seeing places that are sort of “must” but we don’t have to spend money at! This Saturday was the national garden! We were kind of going blind there as we have never heard anyone talk about it, but to be honest everyone that I have met that live here their whole lives they take everything for granted although they have pretty much never been to these places!!

It was just gorgeous, like a small paradise in the chaos of Athens! There were so many different kind of trees there and they had little labels saying their full names and where they came from. Cute fountains, little brooks, a small pond with a bridge were few of the things that we saw. We also noticed a lot of different kinds of birds and my friend got slightly obsessed with this animal called kri kri which is a kind of goat, I think, that you can only find in Crete. Apparently this is place were a lot of photo shoots were happening since we saw a couple that was taking their wedding pictures and a music band as well.

After we saw pretty much the whole thing, we went to see Zappeio which we didn’t really knew what it was, but aparently it is a venue where a lot of events take place. I really loved the architecture of the building but Miranda got a little bit obsessed with the “big bowl” that was on the other side of the road (honestly I think it was just a big fountain). Next to the building there was cafe- restaurant so we thought we’d go there to have a drink. The atmosphere was so Christmassy and I was keep saying to the waiter how much I loved their tree! By the way he was so nice and we ended up talking with him for like three hours since we were his only clients and he was so bored. It was SO cold though because Miranda wanted to smoke so we sat outside!!

We had so much fun and we realized that we don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a great time. All that matters is to make memories with people that you love and you know that can make you smile and always be open to get to know new ones! And at the end of the day I am very excited to get to know the city that I live in!!

Do you like exploring your city or do you prefer to stay in?

xo, kathryn

Photos: Miranda Salena

Closet updates: Everyday Handbag


Hello everyone,

As promised this post is a new addition to my closet updates series. This time we are talking handbag!

Handbags and shoes are the hardest things for  me to shop because I just don’t like anything (although lately I am loving way too many things and I just can’t afford all of them L). For a long time I was just using pharmacy tote bags (I have one from Caudalie that is slowly dying from the abuse) and a bag that I got from thiros a couple of years ago, so I thought that it was time for an update. One day that we went shopping with my aunt, we jumped into a Zara store and then I found this little gem. It is a classic messenger bag that has the perfect size as it is big enough to fit my notebooks for my classes and my “necessities” (although I really do not need everything that there is in there) but is not overwhelming big which is great for my back since I am the ultimate over packer. The color was exactly what I was looking for because it goes with everything and I can where it all year long. Ialso love the gold detailsas well. The coolest thing about this bag, though. is that you can wear it on your shoulder or you can convert the strap differently and wear it as a backpack, which is not something that I do quite often because it is very easy for other people to open the bag without me realizing anything and since I’ve been in Athens they have already stole a phone from me so I need to be extra careful! My other bag broke, so until I get it fixed I am just using this one in a daily base and I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. I just wish it had more compartments because it only has one in which I have all of my feminine staff and my little “pharmacy” (because I am studying pharmaceuticals at the end of the day, got to be prepared)!!! The price tag is something that made me love it even more because it only costs 30€ which is a complete bargain for a bag like this one!!

So what do you think about it? What is your favorite type of bag?

xo, kathryn

(photo: Miranda Salena)

closet updates: boyfriend jeans



t-shirt: Topshop, Shoes: Converse, cardigan: Stradivarius (similar), bag: Zara


t-shirt: Topshop, shoes: Tamaris (similar), leather jacket: Mango

Hello everyone,

So a couple of weeks ago I started a fashion series that had to leave behind for a little while due to some “technical” issues!!! Because that’s what happens when you forget your camera charger in your parents’ house in Corfu!

In this post I’m going to talk about my new favorite jeans. They are the perfect boyfriend jeans for me since they are loose enough but not too baggy. The fabric is so soft and stretchy that doesn’t even feel like denim and is super comfortable. Another thing, that I love about it, is the dark denim color that it has and makes it quite versatile. I wear them all the time on uni but I also rock them on nights out. For every day I grab a t-shirt (this one is one that I stole from a friend of mines), my oversized cardigan and I look put together. For my more night time look I cracked out my black pumps (read my post about them here), a big gold chain and my trusty leather jacket (post about it is coming soon) and I am ready to hit the dance floor!!

All in all, these jeans are a great pair of pants that I can take from day to night and I know that they look good and I going to be comfortable on them. I got them from Massimo Dutti, they costed 56€ and they worth every cent.

What do you think about them? Have you bought anything lately to update your closet?

xo, kathryn

the body shop haul and review


Hello everyone,

So recently I was roaming around the shops with a friend of mines and we stepped into a Body Shop store and I left with a couple of product that to be honest I wasn’t even planning on buying! But I am using them for a while now so I thought I would share my opinion about them.

  1. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (14.00€)

I first heard about this product from Amelia Liana, because there was a time when she couldn’t stop raving about it. So I thought I need to check it out and I went in The Body Shop store in Corfu where one of the rudest employee I‘ve ever met told me that there is not such thing and I confused the products. That day though when we were passing with my friend from the store here in Athens I saw a whole shelf with this product, so apparently she was wrong!! I got so excited that I finally found it and I grabbed a bottle without eventhinking about it, which I am very happy about! At the beginning, I was a little bit scared about it because I thought it would have more of a gel texture, but it was an actual oil. With the breakouts that I had at the time I didn’t know if it was a good idea to put an oil on my face. Thankfully it worked just great.


All you have to do is to apply it straight to your dry face and give it a good message (the more you work it on your face the better) and it breaks down makeup like a dream. Then you rinse it with a lot of water and you are done. It manages to take of my waterproof mascara so easily without having to rube my eyes for 10 minutes, which is something that I really appreciate. It leaves my skin a lot cleaner than usual as I don’t have hardly any makeup residue and I feel like that is one of the products that help my skin get lot better after its crisis. It leaves it very moisturized but definitely not greasy. The only disadvantage for me is the smell because I really I am not a fan of chamomile but it isn’t that annoying after all and I haven’t noticed any irritations from it. Oh, and the packaging which I liked because of the pump but one day I took it to my friend’s house and it leached everywhere.


  1. The Body Shop Honey Matte Bronzer in 05 Dark Golden Matte (14.50€)

I’ve been eyeing this for a while but I couldn’t justify buying it since I had a bronzer. Then the one I was using broke, but I thought I would try contouring but I really wasn’t into it. So when I got into the store for the cleansing oil, it seems like I did one of the best impulse buys in a while. First of all, how amazing is the packaging. The honey brown color and the beehive design are just gorgeous. But the product itself is actually what I love the most. The color is just perfect, warms the face without being orange at all, but is cool enough to give definition or contour if you want. Although it says the finish is matte I would say is more of a satin because it definitely gives that bronze glow to the skin and it doesn’t look flat by any means. The formula is great, as well, as it has the perfect pigmentation and you don’t have to worry about applying to much!


All in all, I had never tried anything from The Body Shop that isn’t body related, so I didn’t really knew what to expect from those to, but the overall conclusion is that they are excellent and they look a lot more expensive than they are and I highly recommend them. I definitely want to try more products from the brand now!

What are your favorite products from the brand?

xo, kathryn

Photos: Miranda Salena

CLINIQUE moisture surge extended thirst relief


Hello everyone,

When I came in Athens my skin had a massive shock. The combination of the different environment and a lot of stress about my new life wasn’t very good for my skin. It became so dry that you could see the patches and at some point my skin started to peel. On top of that I was breaking out as if my acne was back. And although it was in such a bad condition, skincare was the last think I was thinking about, especially since I run out of the moisturizer that I was using. One day I saw on TV that Sephora had an offer on the CLINΙQUE moisture surge extended thirst relief for 15€ (BARGAIN!!) and I went to pick it up that same day.

First of all, I have to say that the employee that was at the CLINIQUE counter was so very nice and helpful compared to the ones in Corfu. Now about the product, right when I got it I started using it day and night and it completely changed the texture of my skin. After about a week my dry patches were gone and now although my skin is still on the drier side is a lot more balanced. It gives a lot of moisture on my face without making it greasy. It is great underneath makeup mainly because it locks the moisture and makeup don’t feel very uncomfortable throughout the day. It didn’t really help me clean my face from the break outs but it definitely didn’t cause me any new ones and hydrating my face helps anyways.It has a cooling  gel texture that feels absolutely amazing in the day time and I feel like it is suitable for all skin types.

I am loving it so much that I only have it for 3 weeks and I‘m almost out of it, which I am not very happy about because now I need to pay 30€ fora new pot!!!

xo, kathryn

Maybelline Master sculpt contouring


Hello everyone,

Once again I’m doing a review that should have been up a really long time ago!!! This time is about the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring that I hauled ages ago!!!

Out of everything that I got that day this is the one thing that I keep trying over and over again because I can’t form a proper opinion about it. Do I like it or not? After over a month of using it I still can’t decide. But let’s take things from the beginning.

First is the contour. When I very first started using it, I hated it. I found that it was too powdery and not blendable enough so it ended up looking very patchy. It did have though some good things about it like the pigmentation, which was just right. Pigmented enough, but not too much, so you can build it up and not look like a clown. The color as well is really nice because it is grey so it gives amazing definition yet it doesn’t look moody. I have the color medium/ dark and it worked really nice, as in order to get very dark I have to build it up.

Because of these things I thought I should try it again and I realized that the reason why it was so hard to blend it was because I wasn’t powdering my face. Once I start doing that it went a lot smoother on my face. And I kind of liked how it looked, but I wasn’t completely happy with it.

About the highlighter, all I have to say is that it is fine. Neither good or bad, just very average. It is powdery like the contour and although it is very settle and it is not going to give you a whole lot of glow you can still see some shimmer particles. But all in all it is not terrible. It gives a little something and it has a golden hue to it which I appreciate, but it’s not an impressive product at all.

To conclude, I think that it is a very average product that could actually be a good alternative if you like contouring and you are on budget, because it is very cheap (I can’t find the exact price because I lost the receipt, but is around 12 euros!). And maybe if you want to try out contouring but you are not sure, it is a very harmless choice for your bank account!! And now I am actually talking about myself because I came to the conclusion that I am not a big fan of contouring and maybe this is the reason why I didn’t enjoy it as much!! I love my bronzing!!!


Do you prefer contouring or bronzing? Have you tried this product? What do you think about it?

xo, kathryn