Hello everyone,

In the summer I tend to be very lazy with my skincare and use very minimum products. This summer, I only use three products on my daily routine and they really work.

  • La Roche Posay EFFACLAR Purifying Foaming Gel: (Around the 20€ mark, but I always buy it discounted): It is a great everyday cleanser. It clarifies the skin really well without drying it out. It is very gentle, but very effective. It doesn’t irritate the parts of my skin that is more acne prone. Even a friend of mines with severe acne uses this one after her dermatologist’s recommendation. When you first pump it has a gel formula that foams up as you massage it on the face. I like using it in the morning to get rid of any makeup residue from the previous night or at night if I’m wearing no or minimum makeup. I wouldn’t really recommend it to people with dry skin, because it can be a little bit too intense unless you are using a very thick moisturizer. I always get the 400ml bottle, which is massive and since you only need the tiniest amount, it lasts for absolutely ages. It also has a pump which is a lot easier to use than the squeezy tube.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (14€): I actually got this one because it was very affordable and at the time I was pretty broke because of my vacation shopping. It isn’t the best moisturizer, if you are asking much from your face cream. It doesn’t help with my acne or brightens up my face, but it doesn’t claim any of these things anyways. The one thing that it is supposed to do is hydrate the skin and it does that amazingly. I have dehydrated combination oily skin and I find that this one gives the perfect amount of moisture to the different parts of my face. My dry patches look a lot better and my T-zone doesn’t get any greasier. I would highly recommend it to people that don’t have significant problems with their skin, but they do need a good hydrating face cream, especially younger people that are just starting with skincare.
  • La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS XL ultra-light 50+ (around 19€): As you can probable understand I am a big fan of this brand and French skincare in general. Before I go to Santorini I got a new Vichy sunscreen, which I lost right when I came back. Yeah!!! So now I am using my sister’s one. It has a very runny consistency and I thought it would be a bit greasy, but it’s not. It is absorbed very quickly and it feels very lightweight, as well. I always wear SPF 50, because my skin has a lot of melanin and I end up tanning unevenly. It does a really good job protecting my skin from burning and I haven’t noticed any discoloration while using it, although I spend a lot of hours in the sun. Last but not least, it works great underneath makeup.

All in all, I don’t think that it is necessarily about the amount of products that you are using, but mostly about finding the ones that work for you.

xo, kathryn


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