korres nail polish


Hello everyone,

One day, when I went in a pharmacy to get some medicine for my best friend, I spotted two sets of KORRES nail polishes on sale so I thought I need to try them. Each nail polish costs 6€ and I ended up buying three of them for almost the same price. (although on the KORRES site it is 8€). Bargain!!! Now that I have them for quite some time and I’ve tried all of them, here I am reporting my final thoughts for each and every one.

29 Ultra Violet: I do find their formula to be a little bit inconsistent and this one is my favorite. It is a beautiful dark purple with very intense red shimmer. It goes on very smoothly and you can even get away with just one layer because it is super pigmented. Because of the shimmer, it gives an almost iridescence look on the nails and it is shiny enough to skip top coat. The main reason that I love this one is that it lasts for a long time. It lasted 5 days on me which practically never happens.

81 Ciel Glacial: It is a gorgeous milky baby blue with very fine shimmer. You can’t quite spot it on the nails but it looks iridescent on the sun. With one coat it is almost translucent which looks beautiful anyways, but you definitely need two or three coats to create the color of the bottle. Because of the fact that it is very light it can look a bit patchy, but it is so beautiful, so I don’t mind working a little bit more.

46 Tangerine: It is exactly what the name suggests, a true tangerine orange shade. I especially like this one on the toes, but honestly it is not my favorite one, because it cheeps very easily.  It doesn’t have any shimmer at all and it has an almost plastic look to it(if that makes any sense). Beautiful color, not the best formula.

40 Classy Beige: Another one of my favorites. It is a brown nude with a lot of grey, silver shimmer. It gives a very sophisticated look and I feel like it looks gorgeous all year round. It goes very smoothly and always looks even.

12 Bright Pink: A color that looked completely deferent on the store. It is the perfect Barbie pink which is not exactly my cup of tea. The formulation is very similar to the orange one, so again not my favorite.

77 Delicate Violet: I would love this shade if there wasn’t any of the silver shimmer. It is a beautiful mauve shade, but because of the shimmer I feel like it looks a little bit granny-ish. I am sure though I will get a lot of use out of it in the colder months. It is not very pigmented and you definitely need two coats to make it more opaque, but it wears beautifully.

All in all, although they differ within the lasting power, the all dry pretty quickly which is great for clumsy people like me. I would really recommend them especially for the price.

Have you ever tried them? Is there anything else from the brand that you would like me to try?

xo, kathryn

P.S. Depending on the site that I found the different colour the prices may differ. On the KORRES site they cost 8€,but on the pharmacy that I went they were 6€.


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