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Hello everyone,

This Christmas my sister had absolutely no idea what to buy me as a gift so she decided we go to a mac counter in order to choose a lipstick myself!! Now I won’t lie, this took me absolutely ages but I decided to go for the color Flat Out Fabulous.

It is a beautiful red fuchsia with a very strong purple undertone. I have olive skin and it is very flattering but I think that it would suit a lot of other skin tones, as well. Surprisingly, it doesn’t make my teeth too yellow which is always good. Although it is a very bright color, because it is darker, due to the red and purple hues, it is quite a sophisticated almost fuchsia that is total wearable in a daily basis on work or uni. At least I wear it!! It is a retro matte, which scared at the beginning but I am really digging now. It is so matte that it looks almost powdery in a really good way. It is super pigmented and it goes on the lips very smoothly and evenly in a really thin layer. Although it is so matte, it is not uncomfortable at all at the beginning, but throughout the day it does absorb all of the moister from your lips so you might want to apply some kind of lip balm on top. It lasts all day and what I have noticed is that when eating it doesn’t smear all over my face but it fades very evenly and doesn’t look awkward because it leaves a stain behind so there’s still color on the lips.

All in all, I am so glad that I picked it up because although I wasn’t expecting to get a lot of use out of it, I wear it all the time and the fact that I get complements from my male friends every time I wear it, makes me love it even more.

What do you think about the color? Do you have any other recommendations?

xo, kathryn