Exloring the city: National Garden

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Hello everyone,

I realized this past couple of weeks that I will most likely won’t be able to upload two post a week so I will try my best to have at least one (which is going to be hard until Christmas when I’ll go to Corfu and be able to charge my camera!!).

University keeps me quite busy lately and on top of that I decided to start learning French, which I am loving at the moment!!! So because of this and my quite limited budget as a student, I stay a lot at home and although I live in a big city that has so many things to see I was doing absolutely nothing to get to know it.  So my best friend, Miranda, and I decided to go exploring every Saturday seeing places that are sort of “must” but we don’t have to spend money at! This Saturday was the national garden! We were kind of going blind there as we have never heard anyone talk about it, but to be honest everyone that I have met that live here their whole lives they take everything for granted although they have pretty much never been to these places!!

It was just gorgeous, like a small paradise in the chaos of Athens! There were so many different kind of trees there and they had little labels saying their full names and where they came from. Cute fountains, little brooks, a small pond with a bridge were few of the things that we saw. We also noticed a lot of different kinds of birds and my friend got slightly obsessed with this animal called kri kri which is a kind of goat, I think, that you can only find in Crete. Apparently this is place were a lot of photo shoots were happening since we saw a couple that was taking their wedding pictures and a music band as well.

After we saw pretty much the whole thing, we went to see Zappeio which we didn’t really knew what it was, but aparently it is a venue where a lot of events take place. I really loved the architecture of the building but Miranda got a little bit obsessed with the “big bowl” that was on the other side of the road (honestly I think it was just a big fountain). Next to the building there was cafe- restaurant so we thought we’d go there to have a drink. The atmosphere was so Christmassy and I was keep saying to the waiter how much I loved their tree! By the way he was so nice and we ended up talking with him for like three hours since we were his only clients and he was so bored. It was SO cold though because Miranda wanted to smoke so we sat outside!!

We had so much fun and we realized that we don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a great time. All that matters is to make memories with people that you love and you know that can make you smile and always be open to get to know new ones! And at the end of the day I am very excited to get to know the city that I live in!!

Do you like exploring your city or do you prefer to stay in?

xo, kathryn

Photos: Miranda Salena


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