Closet updates: Everyday Handbag


Hello everyone,

As promised this post is a new addition to my closet updates series. This time we are talking handbag!

Handbags and shoes are the hardest things for  me to shop because I just don’t like anything (although lately I am loving way too many things and I just can’t afford all of them L). For a long time I was just using pharmacy tote bags (I have one from Caudalie that is slowly dying from the abuse) and a bag that I got from thiros a couple of years ago, so I thought that it was time for an update. One day that we went shopping with my aunt, we jumped into a Zara store and then I found this little gem. It is a classic messenger bag that has the perfect size as it is big enough to fit my notebooks for my classes and my “necessities” (although I really do not need everything that there is in there) but is not overwhelming big which is great for my back since I am the ultimate over packer. The color was exactly what I was looking for because it goes with everything and I can where it all year long. Ialso love the gold detailsas well. The coolest thing about this bag, though. is that you can wear it on your shoulder or you can convert the strap differently and wear it as a backpack, which is not something that I do quite often because it is very easy for other people to open the bag without me realizing anything and since I’ve been in Athens they have already stole a phone from me so I need to be extra careful! My other bag broke, so until I get it fixed I am just using this one in a daily base and I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. I just wish it had more compartments because it only has one in which I have all of my feminine staff and my little “pharmacy” (because I am studying pharmaceuticals at the end of the day, got to be prepared)!!! The price tag is something that made me love it even more because it only costs 30€ which is a complete bargain for a bag like this one!!

So what do you think about it? What is your favorite type of bag?

xo, kathryn

(photo: Miranda Salena)


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