CLINIQUE moisture surge extended thirst relief


Hello everyone,

When I came in Athens my skin had a massive shock. The combination of the different environment and a lot of stress about my new life wasn’t very good for my skin. It became so dry that you could see the patches and at some point my skin started to peel. On top of that I was breaking out as if my acne was back. And although it was in such a bad condition, skincare was the last think I was thinking about, especially since I run out of the moisturizer that I was using. One day I saw on TV that Sephora had an offer on the CLINΙQUE moisture surge extended thirst relief for 15€ (BARGAIN!!) and I went to pick it up that same day.

First of all, I have to say that the employee that was at the CLINIQUE counter was so very nice and helpful compared to the ones in Corfu. Now about the product, right when I got it I started using it day and night and it completely changed the texture of my skin. After about a week my dry patches were gone and now although my skin is still on the drier side is a lot more balanced. It gives a lot of moisture on my face without making it greasy. It is great underneath makeup mainly because it locks the moisture and makeup don’t feel very uncomfortable throughout the day. It didn’t really help me clean my face from the break outs but it definitely didn’t cause me any new ones and hydrating my face helps anyways.It has a cooling  gel texture that feels absolutely amazing in the day time and I feel like it is suitable for all skin types.

I am loving it so much that I only have it for 3 weeks and I‘m almost out of it, which I am not very happy about because now I need to pay 30€ fora new pot!!!

xo, kathryn


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