Hello everyone,

So this review was a long time coming!!! I finally found a product to make my brows look good and this product is the L’OREAL Artist Brow Plumper, that really makes my brows the way I want the to be.

At the beginning I had a hard time with it because the very first time I used it, it looked like I was going for the disco brows, which was definately not the case!!! That happened because I had used way to much product, so the key to this brow gel is not to use too much of it and take most of the product out on the top of the bottle.

Once I realized that, I really start loving it. I like to use it either on its own to make my brow look put together when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup or apply it on top of the powder. When I use it on its own it just gives enough color to define my brows and not look like I have none. When I use a powder underneath I like it even more and that is because: a. it makes my brows look more natural making them more fluffy, b. it keeps the powder in place all day, which is something that never happens on my face. This product keeps my eyebrows looking the way that I want them all day long without making them crispy at all.

Before I try it, I thought that it was a very unnecessary product and that I didn’t need it, but now I feel like it is a must have for me. Thankfully, it is a very affordable product, it only costs around 7€ and I only have to use a small amount so it will last me for a while.

Have you tried it? What was your opinion of the product?

xo kathryn



    • kathryngmode says:

      Before this one I had never tried any brow gels and I just wanted to see what the gush was about before I splurge into an expensive one!! But I might give the benefit one a try to see how they compare with each other!!😉

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