Closet updates: Black pumps



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Hello everyone,

Before I get to the post I feel like I need to apologise for not posting for so long. I moved from Corfu to Athens for university and I didn’t have internet connection for about a month. And to be honest even if I had I didn’t have a laptop up until a few days ago. But I am back for good now and although I have a very busy schedule I will try my best to upload two blogposts a week.

Now on the main subject. I am not talking a lot about fashion and that is because on my high school days I wasn’t the most fashionable person. Now that I’m going to Uni I want to update my style a little bit. Being a student though, I obviously can’t buy a whole new wardrobe, so what I want is to buy a few staple pieces that will update any outfits I already have.

First it was my night time wardrobe. In high school I never used to go clubbing mostly because I prefer cuddling in a blanket watching YouTube videos. This is why I only have one pair of heels which are actually sandals so I can’t wear them in the winter. For this reason, I had to buy a pair of winter heels and I found the perfect pair the other day.

They are the most beautiful black pumps with an ankle strap and a detail strap. It is an all time classic piece that I see myself wearing for a lot of years. Simple, elegant, chic and very feminine, a pair of heels that is perfect for my style or at least what I want to be my style. They go with everything so I can make any outfit night time appropriate and dress up my more casual looks. I haven’t worn them out yet, but I can already tell that I’ll get a lot of use out of them. In addition, they look gorgeous  on, as they elongate my legs. They are just so very flattering and, surprisingly, they are not as uncomfortable as I was expecting them to be, so this is a plus too.

I got this pair for 40€, since there was a 50% discount, but I couldn’t find the exact pair online because I think it is sold out. I found a very similar pair in a very similar price, though.

What do you think about them? What are your wardrobe updates for the new season?

xo, kathryn


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