My favourite hairstyle

Hello everyone,


Today I thought I would be fun to talk about hair. I really love beauty, but if there is one department that I really suck at, this is definitely the hair. There is nothing that I really like about mine other than the color. I have very fine hair that gets too greasy too fast and has absolutely no texture and volume at all. Because of this I never spend time on it since I find it very useless, but the one hairstyle I like to do and one of the only ones that I can do is curling it. The main reason why I like this hairstyle is that is quite fast, yet it looks very put together.


I like to make my curls the day that I have washed my hair cause then I can rock them the second day as well. At the moment I’m using the dove hair therapy nutritive solutions volume boost shampoo and conditioner. I am not very picky about shampoo, but what I have to say about this one is that it is nice and lightweight but doesn’t really give me the most volume.


After I have washed my hair, I like to dry it as much as I can with a towel. Then I apply some hair mouse, in order to get some texture and hold (the one that I used this time was this one from NIVEA, which I really wouldn’t recomment as it makes my hair crispy) and blow dry it.


After it is completely dry, I start culring it. I use a very thin curling wand because to be honest that is the only one I  have. All I do is I start from one side of my head, grabbing small pieces of hair and wrapping it around the wand. I don’t really think about the size of the pieces or the direction of the curls, because I find that I gives a more beachy effect when the curls are a little bit random. I do like though too curl the front pieces away from my face because I feel that it frames my face better this way. I continue this process until I finish with the whole head and then I run my finger through my hair to loosen up the curls. Lastly, I apply some hairspray (this is a random one from GARNIER) .



This process takes me seriously less than 10 minutes and I really like the final result.

11895607_873725079363900_1048560580_o (1)

What do think about it? Do you have any recommendation about easy and fast hairstyles?

xo, kathryn


4 thoughts on “My favourite hairstyle

  1. Katerina says:

    Katerina i have exactly the same problem with you…my hair gets greasy really fast and although I’ve tried almost every shampoo i can’t find the right one. So if you ever find any shampoo that can solve this problem, make sure you make a new blogpost!!

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